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Alen Ethiopia Express is here to offer fast and dependable shipping services in Ethiopia. Our high-tech system makes sure we deliver your goods quickly, efficiently, and with trustworthiness, all while making sure you’re happy with our service. We’re dedicated to improving the way things are shipped and making it easy and worry-free for our valued customers all across Ethiopia.

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Alen Ethiopia Express seeks to overcome the last-mile delivery challenges by implementing efficient processes and advanced technology.

Our goal is to provide convenience, lower the costs of products, and support companies in expanding their businesses without incurring additional charges


The process of transporting goods from the starting point to the final destination involves utilizing a mobile application as a means to facilitate and enhance the shipment process. This system provides a straightforward, user-friendly, and clear method of managing the movement of goods.

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Alen Ethiopia Express offers an on-demand order service that provides to special requests. Customers can easily book vehicles, from small pickups to large trucks, ensuring timely, secure, and customizable cargo transportation across Ethiopia.



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